Mayan was an ecologist and had a great concern for the environment and the welbeing of all living beings. He held that all of the material world is made of vibrant waves of Consciousness - Brahmam.

AUM Science and Technology holds that it is our obligation to contribute to philanthropic endeavors for the betterment of all beings. We do this by offering scholarships for the study of Mayonic Science and Technology and by sponsoring other worthy organizations. We have chosen to sponsor humane efforts being conducted in our Mother campus town of Alamos, Mexico that are directed toward animal rights and animal care. Traditionally animals (especially dogs and cats) have been abandoned and mistreated in large numbers in Mexican towns. This was the situation in Alamos, Mexico until recently when a number of people joined forces in opening an animal shelter and clinic. We happily sponsor that clinic. Your donations are welcomed.

To end the numbers of homeless and suffering animals in Alamos and municipality. To protect animals from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Obtain no less than 2 hectares of shaded land with water and electricity, easily accessible by car, within Alamos. Construct a Clinic equipped with operating room, recovery room, reception area, office,laundry,crematorium, bath area, bodega for supplies, etc., staff lunchroom and bathroom, apartment or casita for watchman. Shelter to be sufficiently large enough to house 15-20 dogs with individual kennels and a communal area for exercise and entertainment and 15-20 cats with individual sleeping quarters and a communal area for exercise and entertainment.

To trap and bring to the APAA Shelter all stray dogs and cats. Object of the APAA is to feed,shelter, vaccinate and adopt out all dogs and cats found.

APAA will endeavor to adopt out all healthy animals. The adopting party will sign an Adoption Agreement (see attached) agreeing to the provisions established by the APAA. The APAA has the right to inspect, without notice,the living conditions and treatment of the animal as they see fit. If the APAA representative feels the animal is not being treated and housed properly the APAA has the right to remove the animal without further discusión.

APAA will embark on an "Educational/Awareness Program" to be taught in the schools for children to learn about the care and tretment of animals. APAA desires to establish a Scholarship Fund for students to study to be a Veterinarian or a Vetinary Technician.