Guru Kulam


Dr. Mercay


May He protect us both (the teacher and the disciple);
May He be pleased with us both; may we, the master and the student, work together with vigour;
May our study make us supremely enlightened;
May there be no dislike or discordance between us OM!

This knowledge has traditionally been taught in something called Guru Kulam system.  Guru Kulam is an intimate teaching method in which the student has a close relationship with the teacher - their Guru.  In this tradition the teacher was an uncle or father.  The knowledge was safeguarded in this way because only special students were selected by the teacher.  We use this approach as part of our educational plan. 

In addition to her personal and ongoing research in the field, Dr. Mercay received her teaching largely on a one on one basis from her Guru, Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati.  He in turn entrusted her to establish a teaching institution.  AUM S&T provides for a very close relationship between student and teacher while maintaining an organized method of teaching.  Thus, we follow the spirit and practise of Guru Kulam as well as maintaining standards of an institution of higher education.