Learning Strategies: Effective ways to help you learn

Learning new information can be done more effectively if specific strategies are used during the learning process. The strategies and methods described in the link below will help you as a student of AUM S&T learn Mayonic Science and Technology more effectively. I urge you to read the sections in the link and try them during your learning experience. They are well founded principles that will help you master this knowledge.

For example, did you know there is a method called "mind - mapping?" This is an alternative to outlineing. It provides you another way to look a body of material.

Did you know that there are special charecteristics about the way genius'> think and that you can use those same charecteristics even if you aren't a genius?

Go to this link and explore all of the sections wholeheartedly - it will help you become a more sucessful student and it will help you in other areas of your life. Have fun!


MindMap Resourcses on the AUM site - Tony Buzan Mind Map video - plus FREE software downloads

From the Chancellor, Dr. Jessie Mercay

Library Resources

AUM S&T has a small library of several thousand books. However, it is suggested that students use local public library resources. Most public libraries are connected with a national (some world wide) lending system that provides books and other learning materials to all member systems. Students are urged to become a member of their local community library and to use those resources.

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