Prerequisite Learning

Courses are offered in sequence. The lower number courses must be taken prior to the higher number courses with the exception of MS&T 102. That is, higher number courses up to practicum 2 (MS&T 302) may be taken in sequence without having taken MS&T 102. But MS&T must be taken prior to Practicum 2.

Advanced Courses and Certification
Advanced courses for certification are announced to students who enroll in the certification program and wish to continue with their studies. They are also announced on the AUM S&T web site

All students who become certified vaastu conultants must hold a Bachelors degree.  If a student does not hold a bachelors degree then he or she can request a prior learning / experience evaluation to determine if additional courses are needed.  Typically up to 60 credit units may be awarded for prior learning experience.  In addition AUM S&T accepts transfer credits from other institutions.    Those transfer units and prior learning experience / work experience along with the units earned through taking the certification program will typically meet the requirements for a Bachelors of Science in Mayonic Science and Technology (BSmst).  Click here for information on Prior Learning evaluation.