Vastu Testimonials

In January 2006, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Jessie Mercay for the first time while enjoying our maiden voyage to India, beginning in Chennai at the home of our venerable master professor, architect and temple builder, Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati.

Vastu testimonial by Liz JanIt was there that she introduced her first Vaastu publication, Fabric of the Universe. It impressed Dr. Sthapati so much, that he lovingly and respectfully handed her the torch (so to speak) to head the first western university in the USA to propagate the knowledge and wisdom of Sthapatya Veda. The syllabic first sound AUM, naturally guided them to naming the institution, the American University of Mayonic Science & Technology.

As a student of authentic Vaastu since that first trip to India, I have witnessed the changes that Dr. Mercay has undergone, both in her personal and professional life. They have been nothing short of remarkable and life transforming for all of us.  

As the science gradually unfolds, it continues to reveal profoundly dense information that requires a lifetime commitment to begin to understand the connections between the beginning of cosmic life and the subtle, invisible plain and life in the material, visible realm as we cognize it today. The Vaastu Shastras are a serious scientific body of knowledge that may someday be the source of great controversy amongst modern day scientists and theorists who do not fully understand the creation of life from this ancient Indian perspective.

Dr. Jessie Mercay is clearly the only person in the western world who understands Mayonic Science this deeply and who also knows how to convey this subject to her students.  Through her teachings, it becomes evident that she is a clear channel; that she was once East Indian in another lifetime. Her insights and the connections she makes are above layman comprehension as the study encompasses much more than verbal instructions, storytelling passed down through the ages, three ancient languages, thousands of verses and hundreds of texts written on the subject of the universe and the first civilization of people to inhabit the planet, understanding that without light or sound, we would not be able to observe all that we can see, touch or feel in the world we know today. 

Having been guided to her life’s purpose, Dr. Mercay is devoting the rest of her years to propagating this knowledge for the benefit of mankind. She has authored three texts and continues to disseminate information that is critical to bridging the wisdom and knowledge of the Vaastu Shastras and their direct correlation to building sacred Vaastu structures. 

Essentially, the science of Vaastu leads us to build sacred dwellings that uplift humanity in ways never before experienced en masse in the modern world. Vaastu is the oldest form of sacred architecture designed to bring us closer to God. It is a huge undertaking to study Mayonic Vaastu and to apply strict principles in order to create a dwelling with exact measurements solely for the purpose of instilling Peace, Harmony, Abundance and Spiritual Bliss into someone’s home and heart. While a daunting task, it is indeed worthwhile if we are able to transform just one human being in one home toward experiencing Inner Peace from within and World Peace from without.


As a person linked to the Vishwakarma clan there has been no one who has directly brought this knowledge & correct understanding forward in its truth in such a profound way. You are an asset and gift to the Vaastu Shastras on on how you are sharing this to the world Dr Mercay.