Cornerstone Series:
Study and Experience The Heart and Soul of Vaastu Shastra, Pranava Veda, and Aintiram

A two week introductory course that qualifies you for the full two year program!

  • Study authentic Vaastu Vedic architecture in a vibrant Vaastu building.
  • Experience hours in a perfect, energetic and transforming Vaastu Garbha (Meditation Chapel).
  • Enjoy the powerful effect of Vaastu on the mind, body and soul.

A student comment regarding our program:

The class is unique and so inspiring. It has enabled me to go to the root of my tradition, answered my questions on both the spiritual and scientific. The whole field is difficult to put into words. It is vast and profound... I feel more connected with the sublime... it is a very deep and personal experience... a unity within myself. The whole teaching showed me the clear way to connect to the sublime and gave me the opportunity to go deeper into myself.>

Abhi Sivadas Acharya, Vishwakarma, Bangalore, India

Here's what you will learn this summer:

  • Ancient mysteries governing the science and art of sacred architecture (Sthapatya Veda and Vaastu Shastras) used to build King Solomon’s temple, the Great Pyramids, the Mayan and Aztec temples, Macchu Picchu, the great and potent temples of India, and thousands of ancient and modern towns and houses around the world - all vibrant forms which bring inner peace and spiritual bliss to visitors and inhabitants.
  • Authentic ancient teachings of the world's most eminent Vaastu architect and sculptor passed down for thousands of years through his lineage from Brahmarishi Mayan - world teacher 10,000 BC. This includes deeply profound spiritual knowledge beyond building architecture.
  • Mechanics of creation from unmanifest energy (Vastu) to manifest matter (Vaastu) - the formation from Absolute Space and Absolute Time, OM light, OM sound, and the five elements - space, air, fire, water, and earth from subtle to gross states.
  • Application of the mechanics of creation (laws of nature) to land/site selection, soil assessment, proper orientation of buildings, Ayadi calculations (specific units of measure used in Vaastu), building design and construction principles (including positioning of buildings on land, the secrets of the correct measure used in a properly built Vaastu building, positioning of doors, windows, walls, etc.).
  • Ancient and secret calculations used in built space which causes the space to become vibrant with uplifting and enlightening qualities of Consciousness and spiritual bliss.
  • Experience with building an authentic Vaastu structure.
  • Positive and negative effects of all structures on the health, well-being, and bliss of the dweller.
  • How to assess existing buildings and what you can do to help the occupant in those structures.
  • Experience the unique vibration of authentic Vaastu buildings. This is a direct path to well being and awakening... and much, much more.


If you want to know the real truth of Vastu in order to build a Vaastu home (or just for the joy of gaining amazing knowledge) then study with AUM S & T... The courses with Dr. Jessie Mercay are enjoyable, inspiring, intellectually stimulating and spiritually enlightening. I'm grateful that Dr. Mercay brought this Vedic Science to the west and started the University under the auspices of the eminent architect and scholar Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati.

Eleanor Waller - AUM S & T graduate/ Certified Vaastu Consultant

... It is the truest and purest knowledge of life that I have always searched for. Dr. Jessie Mercay’s devotion to codifying and delivering this ancient knowledge is done with great ease and clarity.

Rosellen O'Sullivan - AUM S&T graduate/ Certified Vaastu Consultant

About the Teacher

Dr. Jessie J. Mercay, (named Maya by Shilpi Guru, after Brahmarishi Mayan, who is referred to as Maya in various Vedic texts) holds a doctorate in Visual Studies and a Doctorate in Mayonic Science and Technology as well as a third Doctorate in natural medicine. She is an experienced University and seminar teacher having taught nationally and internationally for more than fifty years. She has taught academic subjects as well as numerous other subjects such as self development, health related subjects, and meditation and yoga.

Dr. Mercay has studied Vedic Science for more than fifty years and has studied Vaastu Shastras for more than fifteen years. Her association with authentic Vaastu began over eleven years ago. She studied closely with Shilpi Guru, Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati from 2004 until his death in September 2011. She has visited India ten times and also hosted Dr. Sthapati in the US. She has taught the Cornerstone series seventeen times in India and the US and has led eight classes on Traditional Indian Art and Architecture in India as part of the AUM S&T curriculum.

Dr. Mercay has designed and built numerous Vaastu mini structures, backyard Vaastu Garbhas, houses and other buildings in the US and India during the past eleven years holding true to the guidelines found in Vaastu Shastras.

She has given numerous lectures in the US and India and has students all over the world. She has written a seven hundred page Vaastu Shastra (approved by Shilpi Guru) for home and business building as well as a text on the science of manifestation of energy into matter, which is the underlying science behind Vaastu Shastras. She has written eight textbooks for her Temple Art and Architecture class held annually in India. She is published in numerous magazines and newspapers.

Her lively and skillful teaching has inspired hundreds of people to seek authentic Vaastu above present day diluted and incomplete contemporary Vaastu.

What Courses Should I Take?

  • The courses offered this summer are part of the two - year Vaastu Consultant, Vaastu Architect, Vaastu Builder, Vaastu Artist, and Vaastu Ambassador certification programs. Take the entire program this summer and you will be well on your way through the whole program.
  • If you want to be in this program but cannot come for the full summer program, take the first two weeks (July 16 - July 31). That will qualify you for the advanced program beginning in September. Taking the first two weeks will put you behind in the overall program so we encourage you to attend at least 4 weeks.
  • The Vaastu Architect Program is for architects who want to apply this knowledge to their work.
  • The Vaastu Consultant Program is for people who want to learn to consult with the public and assist them in building a Vaastu home.
  • The Vaastu Builder Program is for builders who want to learn Vaastu building.
  • The Vaastu Ambassador Program is for people who may not want to be Vaastu Consultants but are interested in this deeply profound knowledge. There is a spiritual component to this knowledge, which brings one to higher states of awareness. This program is also for people who want to build and live in a Vaastu house and want to understand the process.
  • Vaastu Artist Program is available for artists who want to apply this knowledge to their artwork. The principles taught in the program are directly transferable to fine art and crafts hence it is appropriate for artists to enroll.
  • If you have physical limitations - don't worry - there are things you can do related to Practicum 2 that do not require much physical labor. Just let us know.
  • Professor, Dr. Jessie Mercay in India, greeted by the late doyen of Vaastu Shastras, Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, Shilpi Guru & co-founder of AUM S&T.

    Why is our program unique and the best in the world?

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    Text Book

    Textbooks used for this program are unique and profound. The primary textbook is a Vaastu Shastra for modern times and is over 700 pages of ancient traditional, technical and scientific information on Vaastu Shastra, Building Architecture of Sthapatya Veda and Mayonic Science and Technology. This text offers specific ancient knowledge of the science behind Vaastu Shastras and provides detailed instruction on all aspects of building a perfect Vaastu house, office, and mini back - yard Vaastu Garbha (Meditation Chapel), and Vaastu studio. The science behind Vaastu is thoroughly explored and the ancient secrets of proportionate measure are revealed with the blessings of a Shilpi Guru. Practical experience (building and home assessment) with an authentically trained teacher is necessary to understand and apply this knowledge properly. During the course of this systematic two - year program numerous texts and methods are used that lead you deeply into the science and art of this profound field and deeply into your own Inner Being. The entire program is structured to advance the student to the high level of personal development required to work with this profound science.

    The Schedule

    Student project 2011, Patagonia, AZ, USA

    • July 16 Mayonic Science & Technology 101: Introduction to Energy becoming matter, Vaastu Shastras, Pranava Veda and Aintiram - fee $253
    • July 17 – 21 Mayonic Science and Vaastu Technology 201: Technological Principles of MS&T, Sthapatya Veda, and Vaastu Science and Technology - the laws of nature and rules of application related this field of study - fee $1157 Book fee $125) student project for summer program
    • July 22 Mayonic Science and Technology 102: Basic Principles of Drafting and Architectural Design as applied to Vaastu Shastras - special applications of design - fee $253
    • July 23 Mayonic Science and Technology 202: Studies in Home Assessment - fee $253
    • July 25 - July 31 Mayonic Science and Technology 301: Practicum 1: Applied Mayonic Science and Technology - building a small vaastu compliant form - fee $1259 (Materials fee $75)
    • August 1 Mayonic Science and Technology 103: Construction Principles
    • August 2 - August 21 Mayonic Science and Technology 302: Practicum 2: Applied Mayonic Science and Technology - building a mid-sized vaastu compliant building applying special principles to building architecture based on ancient texts. - fee $1485 (plus $75 tool and materials fee)
    • Meditation Chapels

      Journey inward each day in pure Vaastu Meditation Chapels. Built using ancient building codes and precise mathematics and measures, these beautiful forms are the outward manifestation of a divine order. The energized space within the chapels vibrates with the frequencies of peace, well-being and spiritual bliss. As we spend time in and around the Vaastu forms our own inner space begins to resonate with these divine qualities of pure Consciousness.

      Our Authority & Tradition of Masters

      We are the only western institution connected directly with an ancient traditional lineage focused on Vaastu Shastras and Shilpa Shastras. We teach by that authority.

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