Vastu House Build – The First Wall Goes Up!

It’s all hands on deck as the construction crew enlists the aid of the AUM Grad Students on the site to help lift the first wall of the Vastu house going up in Patagonia, Arizona.

Starting in the north east corner and working all the way around in clockwise order the sections will go up and be fastened to the sill plate.

After this wall section was completed enough Vastu Purusha energy was activated that a small dust devil (swirling wind) came blowing through unexpectedly out of the west, as the air element was energised. It swirled at about 4o-50 miles per hour for about 90 seconds and was gone. In it’s wake, ladders, plans and tools were left ¬†scattered around the work site. Everyone wondered, “what just happened?”

Vaastu House Build – Slab Inspection

Dr. Jessie Mercay and AUM S&T Grad students taking a last minute look at the concrete slab before the first wall goes up at the Vastu House build in Arizona.

The construction crew are excited to show off their wood cuts for accuracy.