Cornerstone Series Vaastu Shastra, Pranava Veda, and Aintiram

Cornerstone Series – Vaastu Shastra, Pranava Veda, and Aintiram

Study Vaastu Shastra in the Motherland of the Vedas and home of Vaastu Shastras!

Here’s what you will learn this winter:

Ancient mysteries governing the sacred science of architecture (Sthapatya Veda and Vaastu Shastras) used to build King Solomon’s temple, the Great Pyramids, the Mayan and Aztec temples, Machu Picchu, the great and potent temples of India, and thousands of ancient and modern towns and houses around the world – all vibrant forms which bring inner peace and spiritual bliss to visitors and inhabitants.

Authentic ancient teachings of the world’s most eminent Vastu/Vaastu Architect and sculptor passed down for thousands of years through his lineage from Brahmarishi Mayan – world teacher 10,000 BC. This includes deeply profound spiritual knowledge beyond building architecture.

Mechanics of creation from unmanifest energy (Vastu) to manifest matter (Vaastu) – the formation from Absolute Space and Absolute Time, OM light, OM sound, and the five elements – space, air, fire, water, and earth from their subtle to their gross states.

Application of the mechanics of creation (laws of nature) to land/site selection, soil assessment, proper orientation of buildings, Ayadi calculation (specific units of measure used in Vaastu), building design and construction principles (including positioning of buildings on land, the secrets of the correct measure used in a properly built Vaastu building, positioning of doors, windows, walls, etc.).

Ancient and secret calculation used in built space which cause the space to become vibrant with uplifting and enlightening qualities of abundance, well being, Consciousness and spiritual bliss.

Positive and negative effects of all structures on the health, well-being, and bliss of the dweller.

The Schedule

January 4 – 12 Inclusive course fee: US $1916; Rs. 50,000 (Indian residents)

 Mayonic Science & Technology 101: Introduction to Energy becoming matter, Vaastu Shastras, Pranava Veda and Aintiram. This course forms an underlying knowledge base through which authentic Vaastu Shastras can be understood.

 Mayonic Science and Technology 201: Technological Principles of MS&T, Sthapatya Veda, and Vaastu Science and Technology

student project for summer program. This course provides details of the secrets of Vaastu Shastras held in the hearts and minds of ancient practitioners. (Book fee $125)

Mayonic Science and Technology 102: Basic Principles of Drafting and Architectural Design as applied to Vaastu Shastras. this is needed to learn specific rules of design and design per Vaastu Shastras.

Mayonic Science and Technology 202: Studies in Home Assessment. Here you learn how to assess an existing non – Vaastu home and what can be done for the inmates.

January 14 – 24 US$ 1485; Rs 50,000 (Indian residents)

Mayonic Science and Technology 103: Construction Fundamentals

Mayonic Science and Technology 302: Practicum 2: Applied Mayonic Science and Technology. In this course you learn to build and supervise a Vaastu building. This is an exciting hands – on experience.

Course fee does not include transportation or lodging.
Resident Indian Vishwakarmas and new Indian architects/engineers please email for special consideration.

What Courses Should I Take?

The courses offered this winter are part of the Vaastu Consultant, Vaastu Architect, Vaastu Builder, Vaastu Artist, and Vaastu Ambassador programs.

If possible, take the entire program this winter. You will be well on your way through the whole program if you do.

If you want to be in one of these programs but cannot come for the full summer program, take the first part (January 4 – 14). That will qualify you for the advanced teleconference program beginning in September 2014.

The Vaastu Architect Program is for architects who want to apply this knowledge to their work.

The Vaastu Consultant is for people who want to learn to consult with the public and assist them in building a Vaastu home.

Vaastu Builder is for builders who want to learn Vaastu building.

Vaastu Ambassador Program is for people who do not want to be Vaastu Consultants but want to know this deeply profound knowledge. There is a deeply spiritual component to this knowledge, which brings one to higher states of awareness. We want everyone to enjoy the bliss possible through this knowledge. It is also for people who want to build and live in their own Vaastu house and want to understand the process more.

Vaastu Artist Program is available for artists who want to apply this knowledge to their artwork. The principles taught in the program are directly transferable to fine art and crafts hence it is appropriate for artists to enroll.

Everyone who enters this program of study, regardless of past experience and current occupation must take the same course of study outlined in the curriculum. There is no advanced standing.

If you have physical limitations – don’t worry – there are things you can do related to Practicum 2 that do not require much physical labor. Just let us know.

Why is our program unique and the best in the world?

 Unlike any other program, we offer a thorough academic and experiential (Guru Kulam) course of study based upon over a thousand years of knowledge and experience transmitted through the direct lineage of historically eminent Vaastu Scholars and builders who have been properly trained through their Vishwakarma lineage.

Unlike most other programs, we adhere strictly to the ancient and sacred texts called Vaastu Shastras (Sthapatya Veda) and Agamas. We have meticulously built our program under the guidance of our late Shilpi Guru Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati and his family members. We have his permission and blessings to revive and teach this program that he initiated in 2006 as part of his worldwide effort to teach authentic Vaastu.

The content of our program is based on thorough research involving various Vaastu Shastras. No one Vaastu Shastra contains complete knowledge. It was known in ancient days that a Sthapati (builder and engineer) should consult several reputable Vaastu Shastras when they undertook a project. We continue that tradition in our program by meticulously reviewing numerous ancient sources on each topic, with the help of our traditionally trained colleagues and board members.

Furthermore, we are the only program that understands and teaches the underlying causal science behind Vaastu Shastras. We provide a thorough and scientific understanding of the Vaastu effect, how to obtain it, how to uphold it and how to live in harmony with it both inside built space and in the surrounding environment. This knowledge eliminates the superstitions invading modern Vaastu practices.

We offer among other texts, a 600 page detailed English Vaastu Shastra for home building that contains both Vastu Science and Vaastu Technology (for students only).

We have the blessings of Vaastu Vedic Trust began by Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati.

Why we are different in the Vaastu knowledge we teach ?

To learn more, watch this video

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Society for International Vaastu architecture
AUM Science & Technology
BOX 1097
Patagonia, AZ 85624

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Application Deadline Extended: December 15, 2013
If space is available applicants will be accepted after this date

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