Dr. Sthapati At Brihadeeswara Temple Part 2

This is the second half  of Dr. Sthapati’s talk at Brihadeeswara Temple in Tanjour, India in 2005. Thanks to Vastu Architect Michael Borden who caught it on his video recorder.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Sthapati At Brihadeeswara Temple Part 2”

  1. This talk by Dr. Sthapati shows us that the age old science of Vaastu shastras is still applicable today. The young Sthapati holding the pictures used to illustrate Dr. Sthapati’s talk is none other than Sthapati Santana krishnan who is now building beautiful Vaastu forms including Temples in the US and India.

  2. I am basically a civil engineer in profession , I interested and took this progression further to my father is civil construction for the past 50 years,

    We constructing several construction activities I required to learn more knowledge about vastu oriented construction to give the better prospects for clients


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