The Heart of the Soul

St. Theresa of AvilaThe Heart of the Soul


The Heart of the Soul: Mystics and scientists agree about the heart of all matter – The God Particle – Higgs boson
by Dr. Jessie Mercay

“While I was beseeching Our Lord today…I began to think of the soul as if it were a castle made of a single diamond or of very clear crystal, in which there are many rooms, just as in Heaven there are many mansions.” — St. Teresa of Avila

This description of the soul by St. Teresa of Avila, found in the book “Interior Castles” is extremely similar to the description of the Cosmic Soul and the individuated cosmic soul (Atman) described by Brahmarishi Mayan thousands of years ago. Mayan called this “microabode”. Or smallest abode of consciousness in living beings. He diagrammed the Atman and Cosmic Being through the Vaastu Purusha Mandala with its’ divisions of 8×8 grid (Cosmic or unmanifest level) and 9×9 grid (manifest level). The book “Fabric of the Universe” by Dr. Jessie Mercay describes this in detail. available at bookstore.

Understanding that the Soul is not just a vague idea of some aspect of our self opens the door to direct experience. This direct experience then becomes the doorway to the Infinite Being we all seek. Our aware connection with our own Atman (Soul) changes our life, our goals, our wishes, and our sense of well being. Mystics from all faiths agree that this form called Soul exists literally in the heart of all beings. Certain and specific meditation in a specific environment opens access to this Inner Being. Once that access is there a change in thinking occurs. Thoughts cease to flow from the mind of the brain and one begins to operate on a subtle level where thought arises directly from the mind of the heart. Thought becomes very faint or even imperceptible and one begins to operate from Divine motive rather than individual motive.

At the very least this is a relief because one is not hampered or stressed due to constant thinking. If one has more conscious thoughts, they are direct and pure emanations of the divine. No, it is not as if God is talking to you. That is simply a reflection of duality an not a reflection of oneness. It is more like you are living Gods’ thoughts. That is, this Unity with the Divine through the Atmic experience is a living experience of “let thy will be done.” Let thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven becomes a living reality in that one acts through divine will rather than individual will/personality. Ones true nature is then out-pictured rather than ones personality nature. There is a caveat regarding ones own nature but it is too much to cover here.

Brahmarishi Mayan developed his Vaastu Shastras to create environments that vibrate with an ambiance that promotes ones spiritual well being. These environments cause a specific vibration that causes the human vibration (via the thread of consciousness in the Atman) to become enlivened and in resonance with the Cosmic qualities of spiritual bliss. This enhances ones connection with the heart of the soul – Atman.

Now, to give a little relief to those who are more scientifically minded I will put this in different terms: Brahmarishi Mayan (and apparently St. Therese of Avilla and others) cognized within their selves that there is a field that all material forms arise from called the Quantum Field. This field is one of infinite potential and is the field within which all the material world exists. Physicists say that this Field is infinitely vast and contains the gross material world and minute particles of light and sound – these are also described by Brahmarishi Mayan (about 10,000 BCE).

When these particles become orderly they pulse or vibrate causing specific qualities of energy based upon their wave form. These qualities of energy emerge and become individuated and make up the entire material world.

The juncture of time when the sperm and egg unite begins the life of an individuated being. This act of creation has at its’ root the ignition of these light and sound particles. There is a point at which there is an energy transference from unmanifest Quantum Field to material form. At this point or location there is a light/sound particle some call Atman and that particle multiplies itself and creates flesh around it that we call the physical organ – heart. This initial particle that out pictures the heart and other organs including the entire body, is in fact a tiny particle that can ultimately be identified by physicists. This particle may already be identified at the atom smashing research done at CERN where the so called “God particle” has been discovered. Mayan says this form he saw is indeed as St. Therese described. Mayan also said that this particle goes from a cuboidal shape to a polygonal shape (shown as octagon), and then to a round shape as it becomes fully manifest. (This sequence is demonstrated by the well known image called lingam, which begins with a square bottom, octogonal mid- secetion and circular top). In the picture below from National Geographic, the process of atom smashing reveals this “God particle” (also called Higgs boson) born of immense light and formed into a round form. This coincides with what Mayan described. Researchers in particle physics say that this particle is at the “heart of all matter.”

Finally, we can access this “God particle” within the cave of our heart as described by the mystics and yogis. In accessing this, thoughts cease and we are overcome by a peace beyond all understanding. Living in a Vaastu home or having a small vaastu garbha (building) in your yard increases your opportunity to experience your own “God particle”, your source, and gain this profound well being.



Dr Jessie Mercay

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