Why we must strive for inner peace more than ever before?

Why we must strive for inner peace more than ever before:

It is a little known fact that during World War II over 3,600 Americans and 900 British were held by the Japanese in internment/POW camps in the Philippines. Members of my family were among them.

Japan attacked the Philippines on December 8, 1941 the same day as its raid on Pearl Harbor on the Asian side of the International Date Line. Over the ensuing days, the Japanese in Manila placed American and British as well as other world citizens in internment camps. The attached photo is a picture of some of the internees. Some in the photo may actually be my relatives.

My relatives, the Macleod’s, worked in Manila in Shipping and rope manufacturing. My mother lived there also along with some of her cousins, aunts, uncles and her parents. My grandfather worked in the rope industry and invented a hemp-stripping machine. Fortunately she and her parents left before that happened.

In any case, I have cousins living today who were interned as children. You can see from the photo that this was indeed a prisoner of war camp. My cousin in Washington D.C. (now an amazingly successful lawyer) remembers it well.

The urge to dominate comes from an inner emptiness. It comes from a lack of peacefulness inside. While the Japanese were very spiritual people in their own right, their spiritual endeavors by and large failed to take them through the door to Divine bliss – which is the only real source of happiness. Really, this applies to most populations today in spite of the amazing rise in interest in spirituality and religion. No church, dojo, or any other religious or spiritual entity overall seems to truly fill the internal void that causes the urge to dominate and win. If it did then we would not have war and rumors of war.

There was a time when there was no war. People experienced happiness, joy and fulfillment all of the time. This time was thousands of years ago when the arts (dance, music, architecture, sculpture, drawing and painting, and poetry) were based upon a system of measurement and mathematics, which caused the listener, viewer or resident to vibrate in harmony with the Cosmic Force. These were Vaastu arts. This is explained in detail in my book Fabric of The Universe, which can be purchased in the bookstore at www.aumscience.com.

Architecture was considered to be the most important art for creating this elevation of personal vibration because it is a 24/7 vibration. The other arts were important but when the music stopped the resonance stopped. People sleep and work in buildings hence the ongoing experience is available.

We need our society to be transformed through the Vaastu arts. We need our world to be transformed through the Vaastu arts. If you have any inclination to become awakened yourself and to help others become awakened look into the programs offered by www.aumscience.com. You don’t have to become a Vaastu consultant – studying the knowledge will help awaken you.

We need you to help us restore our society – our world. Join us – if not only to restore yourself.

Vastu Visual Arts Program

Vastu Visual Arts

The American University of Mayonic Science and Technology  is pleased to announce a new, unique, and exciting program for Visual Artists: Vaastu In The Visual Arts.

Bring the sublime to the world through your art.
July 21 – August 26, 2012
Patagonia, AZ USA

Click link for more details.


Two Things Required For Awakening

This video is a discussion with an eminent Vedic scholar who understands the pre-sanskrit Vedic language as taught by the 125 year old Chatur Vedi from Bangalore.  The gentleman in the video is Sri Sudhaakara Sharma.  The focus of this discussion is the concept that two things are necessary for awakening.  Proper conditions and simplicity forms the basis of this idea.  Dr. Mercay discusses the concept of specific Vaastu principles that create the proper condition for awakening (measurement and orientation, etc.).    Sri Sudhaakara Sharma  discusses the concept of simplicity (you don’t need a big, fancy place to reach enlightenment – it can be a hut).  Dr. Mercay points out that the simpler the Vaastu building the more the proper conditions are available to the inhabitant.  Not mentioned in the video is the idea of having a proper “Vastu Temple Cottage” build on ones own property.  These buildings as simple and pure Vastu.

Dr. Mercay asks to continue the inquiry in an earlier discussion regarding the meaning of the names of the Pada Devatas in the Vaastu Purusha Mandala based on ancient Vedic Language.  Sri Sudhaakara Sharma whodiscusses the meaning of the name Ishwara..  He says that it means “One who is the richest – richest in all ways.”  But more than that, richest in awakening – Divine bliss.

Not mentioned in the video is the concept offered by Dr. Mercay that the Pada Devata called Ishvara in the Vaastu Purusha Mandala brings about this ultimate kind of wealth to the inhabitant of the house as they live over time in the building.  More will come at a later date on the meaning and energetic influence on humans of the Pada Devatas in a Vaastu building.

Dr. Sthapati At Brihadeeswara Temple Part 2

This is the second half  of Dr. Sthapati’s talk at Brihadeeswara Temple in Tanjour, India in 2005. Thanks to Vastu Architect Michael Borden who caught it on his video recorder.

Commentary on Vastu Pooja and Vastu Shastras

On April 22 we did two Vaastu Pujas for houses to be built in Patagonia. I mentioned this in an earlier post. I am offering you here an explanation of the puja and a bit about the knowledge that I have been involved with for a number of years. I hope you enjoy it and share it.


Yagya Therapy

I recently read an article that described the Shastric citations and scientific clinical trials of the benefits of something called “Yagya Therapy.” A yagya is a fire ceremony done for many reasons. It has ancient roots and has been done by various cultures all over the world – most notably in India. Yagya therapy is an herbal inhalation therapy described in the ancient medical science called Ayurveda.

It is said that the burning of special herbs in a fire creates smoke that purifies the atmosphere, adds fertilization to the soil as the herbalized smoke drops on the fields, and affects the individuals breathing in the smoke. This is not too far fetched when you consider the modern practice of inhaling Vicks vapor rub, and the widely used practice of aromatherapy. It has been scientifically demonstrated that certain smells affect the amygdala the brain and bring a feeling of well-being. So, the concept of Yagya Therapy is not unreasonable.

One of the missing links in the use of yagyas is the special preparation of the fire pit. Mayan, the progenitor of Vaastu Shastras performed yagyas that were said to be so potent that even the wild animals of the jungle were peaceful. During a yagya and during Mayan’s yagya mantras or specific phrases are chanted along with a ritualistic building up of the fire in a fire pit. The combination of mantras and herbs bring about an amazing effect in the environment. However, there is something missing from modern day yagyas that was present in Mayan’s yagyas that special something – a missing link to the Divine – is the secret mathematics used to build the fire pit. In other words, people have the form of the fire pit in modern times but they don’t have the mathematics – the measure of the enclosed space of the fire pit that produces influences beyond material influences.

Use of mantras, herbs, and other elements produce subtle and gross effects on people and the environment. However the real change in humanity comes from altering the essential frequency of a person. There are all kinds of ways to change our material life but for lasting change, profound change, we have to change the frequency of individuals and the environment. Accessing the Divine rhythm or frequency can only do this. For a yagya to be deeply and profoundly beneficial it must be done in a fire pit that is mathematically calculated for the individual (when done for an individual) or for the community. When a fire pit is built properly per the Vaastu Shastras and Agamas, then the flame of the fire is literally holding the frequency of specific Divine qualities. It is not simply representing cosmic flame; it literally holds specific qualities of the cosmic flame. Like a Vaastu house, when exposed to these Cosmic frequencies, the individual’s own frequency in the cave of the heart is elevated. As the inner cosmic flame begins to vibrate with the external cosmic flame, positive qualities of the Divine begin to be out pictured as the life of the individual. Then health, peace, prosperity, and well-being emerge in ones life. This is thoroughly explained in my book “Fabric of The Universe” which can be obtained through the bookstore at www.aumscience.com.

It is only through elevating the individual frequency that real and lasting change occurs.
We are promoting the idea of properly constructed fire pits for yagyas with proper mathematics – it’s an advanced study topic taught as part of the AUM S&T Senior Graduate Program. I can hardly wait to have AUM S&T students building these fire pits in back yards all over the world.

No Heaven or Hell?

AUM S&T student Christina Brennan
AUM S&T student Christina Brennan

No Heaven or Hell?

I just read an article posted by my dear student Christina Brennan.  The topic was a proclamation made by the Pope in 2009.  Here is what the article said: “…the Pope said, (heaven) is neither abstraction nor a physical place, but a “living and personal relationship with the Holy Trinity,” the Christian understanding of God as one being in three persons of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Hell, he said, is ” the state of those who freely and definitively separate themselves from God, the source of all life and joy.”

My jaw dropped when I read this statement because this is essentially what Brahmarishi Mayan who cognized Vaastu Shastra, Pranava Veda, and Aintiram as well as many other texts) said many thousands of years ago (BC).   In this Mayonic (Vaastu) tradition, each of us has a miniscule particle within us called Atman (Soul).  This Atman has a vibrating thread of light running vertically through its’ center.  (Some traditions refer to it as “Divine Spark”).  It is the frequency of that vibrating thread of light that out – pictures as our life.  The shape our life takes depends on the qualities or frequency of that thread of light (Brahma Sutra).

Some of us are born in or close to heaven.  That is, our Brahma Sutra vibrates with a frequency that is resonant with Divine qualities of spiritual bliss, peace and harmony, hence, we have a direct relationship or resonance with the Divine (we live in a state or near state of heaven).  Some of us vibrate with a frequency that is definitively separate from the Divine.  There is deep unhappiness, emptiness, and sorrow (hell).  Others of us vibrate with a frequency that gives us some happiness yet we have a deep feeling of emptiness or longing (the in between state called by the Pope – purgatory).  So heaven, hell, and purgatory are human conditions.

Brahmarishi Mayan knew this also.  He cognized the concept that individual frequency could be elevated to Divine level.  That is, individuals could raise their frequency to resonate and live in harmony with the Divine.    He understood that it takes more than prayer and meditation, good deeds, etc. to raise the frequency of one’s own Brahma Sutra.   He understood and developed precise methods for accomplishing this.  One method was through specific vibrant architecture (Vaastu) another through specific music (Vaastu).  The purity of his knowledge has been lost for hundreds of years.

In fact, not only was this knowledge lost, it was reverse engineered and reduced to superstition.  Lay people tried to examine existing Vaastu structures and came to improper conclusions.  They also tried to read and interpret ancient texts without having proper understanding of the technical terms.  This still goes on today.  Ideas such as requiring that the front door of the house face only east and other superstitions arose out of misunderstanding of the ancient knowledge by non-technical people.  People have even mis – quoted scientific research to support their false concepts.  I could list a hundred misnomers regarding the modern application of this knowledge by various teachers and followers who have no business hijacking and practicing this knowledge without proper training.

We at AUM S&T are very fortunate in that we had an authentic Sthapati (traditional Vaastu architect), Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, guiding us for many years.  So, there are a few of us who are really propagating this knowledge properly. There are architects, Michael Borden in NZ, Krithika Karuppiah and her husband Santhana Krishnan (nephew of Dr. Sthapati), and Dakshinamoorthy (nephew of Sthapati).  And, we have a gifted musicologist, Dr. Veerapandian (music scholar bringing out Vaastu or Mayonic music).  In addition, our Indian friends have numerous family members who practice this knowledge properly.  All of us engage in scholarly research, theoretical thinking and balance it with practical application.  We have been blessed.

So, you can see, we have an amazing team of gifted and talented people helping us bring this knowledge forward as a gift to humanity so that we may all be in heaven – living a personal relationship with God, Creative Intelligence, Brahmam, or whatever you wish to call that Divine Force.  Maybe the Pope knows more than we think he does?




Dr. Sthapati at Brihadeeswara Temple Pt 1

Thanks to Vastu Architect Michael Borden (http://www.vastu-design.com/) for providing the video footage of Dr. Sthapati recorded in Tanjour in 2005. It’s been split into 2 videos because of youtube’s limitations.

Here is Part One: