About AUM S&T

About AUM S&T

This is the world’s prime site for Vastu and Vaastu* knowledge and study in the Vastu Shastras as disseminated by the late pre-eminent author and scholar, Shilpi Guru Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati. *The distinction between these two terms is explained in preliminary courses

We are the only institution in the Americas authorized to use teaching materials by Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, India’s nationally recognized Shilpi Guru – A traditional architect and sculptor with the highest of honors and contributions in the field.

Our institution is unique in that it serves to continue the Shilpi Guru tradition in which Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati was brought up and actively functions under the direct guidance of an authentic SthapatiShilpi Guru, Dr. Jessie Mercay. Dr. Mercay received her teaching largely in a one-on-one basis from her Guru, Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati and has continued to make considerable contributions and publications based on her research with Dr. Ganapati Sthapati who then entrusted her to establish a full teaching institution, curriculum and academic program which is now AUM S&T.

AUM S&T’s main objective is to provide a vibrant learning environment led by knowledgeable faculty that will produce the best learning experience available today for individuals interested in Mayonic Science and Technology.

Our Authority

When one teaches or expounds upon any sacred teaching, there must be a statement of authority. Here, we will illuminate some of the authorities from which we derive and teach this knowledge. While we have the unquestionable authority of the late Shilpi Guru Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, Vaastu Vyasa, Padma Bushan, there are a number of texts including Vaastu Shastras, Agamas, Surya Siddhanta, the Rig Veda, Arthava Veda, Thirumaintiram, etc., and a number of Upanishads that provide authority and support for the teachings involving the why and how of traditional Indian architecture. It is said that there are no less than 12 million stanzas consisting of 32 letters in Anushtup rhyme on this subject (Architectonics, p.34, Ayer).

The first and foremost of the foundational texts are Mayan’s Aintiram and Pranava Veda both of which are quoted throughout the AUM S&T curriculum. Mayan’s Pranava Veda contains more than 50,000 verses beyond those mentioned above. Mayan’s Aintiram contains 892 verses and a final commentary in addition to those 12 million mentioned above. These two sources are the ultimate authority for this work as they illuminate in great depth and breadth the Luminous Path and science of micro-abode, as Mayan refers to it in his ending remarks in the Aintiram.


Faculty include traditionally trained Sthapatis (architects and sculptures), shilpis (carvers), architects (university trained, traditionally trained Vaastu architects, Vaastu consultants, artists, dancers, poets, musicians, stone masons, builders, ecological design specialists, scientists, anthropologists, historians and other experts who can contribute to the dissemination of Mayonic Science and Technology.

The accomplished faculty at AUM S&T are qualified both in their own field of academic inquiry and Mayonic Science and Technology. They possess credentials either in academia or in associated crafts. While academic achievement is deeply respected, refined skill in the related arts and the building industry or allied fields is honored for various teaching positions.

In addition, AUM S&T employs dedicated paid and unpaid support personnel.

Each faculty and staff member understands the importance of Mayonic Science and Technology as a tool to help bring happiness to the individual, community and world. They are dedicated to helping students attain the qualifications to fulfill the noble mission of AUM S&T.

AUM S&T Leadership

This knowledge has traditionally been taught in what is traditionally called a Guru Kulam system. A Guru Kulam system is a teaching method in which the student has a close relationship with the teacher. Historically, the teacher was an uncle or father.  The knowledge was safeguarded in this way because the teacher selected only students capable of carrying forth the knowledge in its purest form.  Thus, we follow the spirit and practice of Guru Kulam, as well as maintaining standards of an international institution of higher education.

At A Glance

In 2006 Dr. Ganapati Sthapati appointed Dr. Jessie J. Mercay as Chancellor of the American University of Mayonic Science and Technology in order to widely propagate this knowledge to the western world in a systematic and dignified way.

While we have developed our curriculum using accreditation guidelines, The American University of Mayonic Science and Technology has chosen to not pursue accreditation at this time.

The US Department of Education has no official policies on licensure other than this: Licensure of Universities is solely under the jurisdiction of the State within which the University resides or has its domicile. The American University of Mayonic Science is a distance-learning Internet-based organization therefore we do not reside in any state nor do we have an office or campus in any state. Our primary authority for functioning is the Vaastu Vedic Research Foundation and the International Institute of Mayonic Science and Technology, both in Chennai, India.

Dr. Jessie Mercay is Chancellor and has appointed a number of master’s students to participate in the teaching and critique process.

Faculty Honors
In her role as Chancellor of AUM S&T, Dr. Mercay teaches the Cornerstone series every summer in Patagonia, Arizona. In addition to her recognition and doctorates of scholarly study and writing in Mayonic Science and Technology, Vaastu Shastras, and Building Architecture of Sthapatya Veda, Dr. Mercay also trained with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, taught Transcendental Meditation for numerous years and holds three PhD degrees and graduate certificates in various fields of related study. She has been a student of meditation and Vedic literature for over 25 years.

In January 2017, Dr. Mercay was awarded the highest honor possible in this tradition by Dr. Ganapati Sthapati’s family and fellow scholars: the title of Vaastu Rathna which translates to mean Gem of Vaastu Shastras. She is the only westerner to have received this honor.

Students of AUMS&T come from a diverse spectrum of cultural, professional and experiential backgrounds. Current students range from licensed architects to artists to wellness professionals to engineers and scientists of various skillsets.

Mission Statement

The mission of AUM S&T is summarized by the word SPACE:

Specialize: AUM S&T specializes in a body of knowledge called Mayonic Science and Technology. While courses in allied fields may be taught, those courses must relate to or amplify Mayonic Science and Technology.

Perpetuate: AUM S&T aims to perpetuate Mayonic Science and Technology (Vastu Science and Vaastu Science and Technology) in its wholeness and purity for present and future generations.

Accredit: As an institution, AUM S&T seeks to provide an avenue whereby individuals may obtain in-depth and quality education that provides them with accreditation and or certification in the field of Mayonic Science and Technology, Vastu Science and Vaastu Science and Technology.

Collaborate: AUM S&T collaborates with local and international educational institutions and organizations that are interested in Mayonic Science and Technology. These include Schools of Architecture, eco-building organizations, trade schools etc.

Educate: The body of knowledge in which AUM S&T specializes and perpetuates is a boon to human kind and has the potential to bring peace and harmony to individuals all over the world. Thus, it is our primary mission to educate individuals and groups in Mayonic Science and Technology, Vastu Science, and Vaastu Science and Technology.

More Information
For more information, please email us at: [email protected]

Student Testimonials

AUM S&T is likely the only place in the world where you can you can learn to build a home dwelling, meditation hall and entire town or community in strict accordance with Vaastu Shastras.   The curriculum catalyzes a profound spiritual awakening within the student that is life changing and astonishing.  By the end of the program you will be amazed to find yourself amongst the very few who can truly taste the very essence of this sacred knowledge.  

The systematic approach builds upon itself and will bring a great deal of coherence to all the spiritual knowledge you would have likely collected prior to the program. 

Asheem, Master student

Vaastu science is the perfection expressed through mathematics; it is the knowledge of energy and matter; time and space, rhythm and form.

Learning with Dr Jessie and mentors is an adventure: something in you changes from the very first day. It is not only the lessons, it is the environment, the classroom, inhabiting the structures, all of which gives you a particular and wonderful experience where you are immersed.

This is a fulfilling and joyful experience, not only intellectually, but also at the level of your heart and at every level of your best self.

Victor, Level 1 Student

I have spent my life seeking the truth amongst various religions and philosophies. The knowledge I have learned in 4 years of study has illuminated me to know who I am and why I am here.

It is both practical in its application, and spiritually uplifting, all the while learning ancient architectural principles and applying them to modern building and modern living.

Vidya, Master student

Studying and applying Mayonic Science and Technology  allows you to develop the ability to be aware of our surroundings and center yourself.

We do this over and over again, and it becomes a part of us.  Sitting in the quietness and infinite potential of the heart allows us to act consciously. Being a Vaastu consultant, architect, or ambassador becomes a joy and a thrill. 

This study and practice makes sense of ourselves and the world we live in. It has practical application, and it serves for the good of others.

Kiran, Master student